Kouki Nimura, Executive Fellow, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Chief H-IIA/H-IIB Launch Officer

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Launching the Space Business Using Japan’s Flagship Launch Vehicles

Lower Prices and Mature Technologies are Changing the Structure of The Space Business

The space business has been revitalized in recent years with several new ventures being developed in places not associated with the traditional industry leaders in Europe, Japan, Russia and the US. This new diversity has expanded the commercial potential of the sector, opening up a wealth of fresh business possibilities, which have received support from both government and private sources.

New opportunities have been created in the development and launch of small rockets. There is also strong growth in satellite-dependent observation, broadcasting, communication and data services. Research, experiments and manufacturing aimed at space development are also gathering pace.

Space tourism is another focus of attention and several companies are currently creating out-of-this-world experiences aimed at exploring the leisure potential of space.

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